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adastrac neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology undergraduate neuroscience and physics
Anunnaki Cognitive /Neuro/Science gro.edoneerf.cri|ikannunA#gro.edoneerf.cri|ikannunA Cognitive Science BSc in Leeds University —
arthurmaciel neurophysiology, expert systems and neural networks arthurmaciel at gmail com undergraduate medicine
Borg7 machine learning
burkalope cognitive neuroscience, social behaviors BA Biology (Animal behavior), Honeybee research
CrawfordC mindful design, mindfulness, design, neuroplasticity, machine learning, cognitive neuroscience, computer science, homotopy type theory crawford<dot> comeaux <at> gmail <dot> com researching & developing the mindful design process; dropped out with 3 semesters left for undergrad CS and math degrees
ckx CompSci Neural Network Models (Boltzmann Machine, Deep Belief Nets in particular), Markov Chains/MDPs IRC (ckx or ckx‘off) AI Undergraduate @ FI MUNI —
coyo neurobiology, herbal medicine, cognitive neuroscience, genetics and polymorphism of transporter proteins, artificial intelligence, incentive saliency and attention processing, affective science, evolutionary psychology, neurological pathology, biological basis of morality and religion, synaptic plasticity, brain computer interface - noninvasive xmpp:coyotama[at]gmail[dot]com skype:memeticrevolution extensive reading of neurobiology textbooks and online articles as a hobby, and to take responsibility for one’s own genetic differences (bipolar, which is a combination of DRD2 7repeat polymorphism, and 5HTa polymorphism, both causing a lower than average affinity to dopamine and serotonin, respectively), no formal education - currently matriculating
cyberfay synaptic plasticity, zoology neurobiology/zoology
cyy theoretical / systems / computational neurobiology, spiking models, perception, plasticity, oscillations PhD student in Neural Computation at Carnegie Mellon / CNBC
dantekgeek cognitive neuroscience, neurobiology/physiology of autism/ADHD spectrum, evolutionary and biological basis of morality and religion
DoYouKnow radio frequency to encode information directly onto the brain, segregation of stimulus attribute variables (and what can be found of them with algebraic methods) moc.oohay|119onibasm#moc.oohay|119onibasm Independent Research
dryhay Python, PHP, bots and robots - I need time, founder or employer for my bots dryhay at gmail(G+) com or constant studies of everything
dubzub decision making, models of basal ganlgia disorders, biophysical models, multiunit recording, processing, denoising, spike sorting IRC biology major, computational neuroscience PhD
Eleanore Neural stem cells IRC PhD candidate, Karolinska Institutet
Elleo Developmental robotics, AI IRC
etienneroesch Attention, Consciousness, Emotions, Vision, Multimodal neuroimaging (EEG-fMRI) Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics @ University of Reading
Felix11H connectivity in local cortical circuits, synaptic plasticity background in pure mathematics
FZ cognitive science, neuroscience, brain asymmetries, time perception, neuroscience of music, artificial intelligence, natural language processing emre . sevinc at gmail com - cognitive neuroscience master programme @ Bogazici University -
Gabriel Kent evolution spent some time @ UCLA
jenga neuronal physiology, networks, cerebellum, e-phys currently in PhD (started 2008)
Itay390 neural networks for now. moc.oohay|093yati#moc.oohay|093yati
kenadauk Sensory/basal ganglia systems Bachelors Psychology / starting PhD 2010
kramer3d computational neuroscience argunda at undergratuate neuroscience, computer science, math
luciom muscle hypertonia and neurophysiology neurologist, researcher
luisj visual perception and robotics luis dot manso at gmail com undergraduate computer science
Mike_lifeguard linguistics (ASL in particular), hearing & deafness, cognition generally undergraduate neurolinguistics student
Narrenschiff Basal ganglia, biophysical neuron models, patch clamp, in vitro MEAs BSc Biological and Computer Science, MSc Computational Neuroscience, PhD candidate
Nexton Connectivity analysis (PLV, PLI, phase TE), EEG/MEG signal modeling, BCI MSc computational and cognitive biosciences
night feedback, computational, engineering Please pm on IRC! Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience
Obnoxious Cognitive neurosciences, behavioral neurosciences obnoxious[at], on IRC (freenode) B.Sc in Psychology, undergraduate.
potatodemon BCIs, The singularity, human brain emulation, synthetic telepathy , josh[<at>] undergraduate computer science
pnfox Computational Neuroscience CS with Maths, Leeds University
PrincessProton Biomolecular Systems Neuroscience itsneuroscience<at><GMALE>.com Biochemistry and drug development for neural systems. Increasing long-term potentiation via drug development.
pumpkin modeling human behavior and related AI <my nick>god AT <GEE MALE>.com getting a Ph.D. in computer science
r2q2 Boltzman and Hopfield neuronal networks, working on an different design for these networks
ralfe Neuropsychology, savant syndrome, synaesthesia moc.liamg|drqsebuc#moc.liamg|drqsebuc Psychology and Information Systems
RelentlessRecusant Chemical biology and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells moc.liamg|tnasucersseltneler#moc.liamg|tnasucersseltneler Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the Department of Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology, Harvard University
rofer computational neuroscience IRC: rofer Pursuing a CS degree with a neural computation minor at Carnegie-Mellon University
rolohi hard/wet/software, speech production and planning, task dynamics IRC: rolohi Built an EEG, 3d printers,.volumetric displays and worked as a graduate RA programming vocal tract simulations at Haskins labs a few moons back. Also worked in finance and am currently working on a native digital encoding for formal ideas.
salamandyr cognitive neuroscience, EEG, neurofeedback PhD Candidate @ UCLA
s_ph cognitive neuropsychology biological science
skeftomai Word sense disambiguation, connection-based memory representation and association chad [dot] d . johnson A@T gmail [.] com
Skei Simulating spatially-extended neurons, dendrites, computation PhD Mathematical Neuroscience; MSc Complexity Science; BSc Chemistry
skyff cognitive neuroscience, EEG, attention, audition reiche [dot] stud [at] gmail [dot] com B.Sc. Psychology, M.Sc. student in Psychology University of Leipzig
superkuh higher order thalamic relays, cytoskeleton modeling, thermodynamics of the action potential(s)
suvidu neuroscience in hearing Diploma in biology, PhD student
TatMcGill systems neuroscience, integrative neuroscience, traumatic brain injury, visual perception, imaging PhD Candidate
Tedward2 general
TheXPRO Cellular structure/order, material/matter organization and structure, simulations (AI and other), chemicial-electrical tracking cautical at gmail com Independant Research
Ulti AI and biology in general, recently looked at applying symbiogenetic theory to operators in a genetic algorithm. , mattoates at gmail com
willPow3r Neuroengineering, neural prosthetics, AI, singularity Neuroscience & Physiology undergrad @ UCSD
uruviel Neural Computation / Memory consolidation Artificial Intelligence undergrad @ University of Groningen
zetsubo neurodegenerative diseases, memory, machine learning, psychopharmacology, evolutionary studies IRC BS Neuroscience, CS minor
zetter Stroke research, Alzheimer's disease, Neurophysiology and Neuroplasticity. IRC Medical student at the Charité, Medical University Berlin
r00t Artificial Intelligence IRC BEng Computer Engineering, MSc Electronic Engineering
nedzha Marvin Minsky goodoldzha at outlook dot com BSc Computer Engineering
str0op Neuroscience, cognition, IO psychology, ergonomics ijwtcymb at Currently in last year of a Master Degree in IO Psychology and ergonomics
theideasmith Computational Neuroscience, Intersection of Network Theory and neuroscience, Machine Learning aclscientist [At] gee-mail [DoT] com, Researching computational neuroscience as a hobby. Currently high-school sophomore. Looking for guidance, ideas, and mentorship.
jguillen Computational neuroscience IRC Doctoral student, MSc Computer Vision, BSc Computer Engineering
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