I'm currently a postdoc at Princeton. I work on mathematical and computational epidemiology.

I'm did my PhD at the University of Warwick, working on analytical solutions to the cable equation on dendritic structures. Most of my work was based on that of Larry Abbott's 1991 to 1993 papers on the path integral formalism on branching structures, which I've improved upon and shown the ( difficult ) convergence of, using different path ordering approaches as well as an extremely quick iterative path-counting method. In addition to this, I focused on solving the equation exactly in the Laplace domain, as has been done in different ways by Butz and Cowan, as well as by Koch and Poggio.

My broader research interests are in

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Large-Scale Simulation and Parallelisation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods
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